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Leasing your investment property can seem like a daunting task for Residential Rental Providers (Landlords). Our specialised team of investment specialists are here to help! The first step in the leasing your investment property is always to learn more about its potential rental value in the current market. By utilising the latest technology and up to the minute information on market activity, we are able to provide you with a detailed and comprehensive report on your properties potential rental value and the factors that contribute to it.

We will also provide a step by step break down of how it all works, from finding a tenant right through to the end of a lease, empowering you with the information you need to take the next step in your investment journey with absolute confidence.

The Rata & Co Difference

388 offices across the Harcourts network, Australia wide

Over 100 staff members working within the Rata & Co Group

Our average vacancy rate is 2.4%

We conduct more than 15,000 inspections per year

Our database and digital technology keeps us in contact with over 2,500,000 clients

We manage more than 4500 rental properties

Rata & Co staff can communicate in over 42 different languages.

Our global reach extends to the all four continents of the world.

We export to over ten different web portals

Authenticity is Everything

Real Estate is a lot more than just property, it is about people. We are passionate about what we do, and we care about the people we deal with. Everything we say and do is born from what we truly believe, that is the most important service we can offer our community. That’s authenticity, and its everything.








Our Strategy

We are specialists in Property Management, our people are dedicated professionals.

  • Our Property Managers understand how the market will impact your investment and how to improve the yield from your property.
  • Our local knowledge is backed by our global strength.
  • A company wide focus on the delivery of exceptional customer service.
  • Our Harcourts Academy researches and provides expert training and coaching for our Property Managers who continue to remain at the forefront of Property Management legislative changes.
  • We accelerate the renting of your property to the right tenant through our focused marketing and tenant screening procedures.
  • We guarantee that we will proactively communicate with you on all matters relating to your property.
  • Your specific goals and objectives are our primary consideration in the management of your property.
  • We relieve any potential stress from owning investment property, we remain current with legislation and market drivers that effect your real estate investment.


We will effectively communicate with you and welcome your feedback and comments throughout the management of your property. Your Harcourts property manager will discuss your needs and develop a policy for the prompt response and resolution of matters for you and your investment. In the busy world of property management our clear communication procedures ensure that you always know what’s happening with your property.


We will:

  • Complete a thorough inspection of your property and compile detailed notes highlighting its features
  • Prepare advertising for your property including appropriate photographs
  • Have the property listed on all the real estate web sites that we subscribe to
  • Co-ordinate inspections of your property for all prospective tenants until your home is leased
  • Co-ordinate the erection of a for lease sign on your behalf (upon request and if signs permitted)
  • Check all applications on the appropriate tenancy databases when authorised by you to do so
  • Verify all applicants’ references and previous rental history where possible
  • Verify & confirm applicants employment status
  • Refer all potentially suitable applications to you for approval (unless instructed otherwise)
  • Let your property for the expressed amount as per your management agreement or letting instructions
  • Complete and execute the tenancy agreement and give the tenants possession of your property once the rental application process has been completed and the tenant has been approved
  • Collect required funds from the tenant i.e Rent and Bond
  • Lodge the bond in accordance with legislation
  • Provide copies of relevant tenancy documents as required
  • Have regular contact with you and provide feedback to you throughout the letting process.


At Harcourts Rata & Co we have a zero tolerance for rent arrears. We have developed a specific arrears policy which we go through in detail with our tenants when they are signing their tenancy agreement. We will:

  • Process rent payments daily
  • Follow up all late payments in accordance with our management agreement & the Residential Tenancy Act
  • Commence the legal process should termination be required
  • Provide you with an annual financial summary of rents collected & outgoings paid

Gillwell Park, Lalor

About Lalor

Lalor is named after Peter Lalor, an activist turned Victorian state politician who led the 1854 Eureka Stockade rebellion, and it brings this free ideology to every aspect of life in the suburb, bein...
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We will complete a comprehensive property condition report including photographs of both the interior and the exterior of the property prior to the property being occupied. We will:

  • Forward a copy of the property condition report to you if requested
  • We will report to you any repairs or preventative maintenance that may be visible or that is reported to us by the tenant at the time of the inspection
  • Conduct a comprehensive property inspection when the tenants vacate, ensuring that it is comparative with the original condition report; whilst taking into consideration any fair wear and tear on the property


We will:

  • Deposit the net proceeds of your rental income into your nominated bank account as per your management agreement
  • Provide you with all copies of invoices for any repairs required at your property if requested
  • Pay all property outgoings as agreed on your behalf prior to the due date (subject to the availability of funds).


We expect that property owners will undertake recommended repairs to their rental property in order to preserve the value of the property, meet legislative obligations and maintain a positive relationship with the tenants. At Harcourts Rata & Co, we encourage your tenants to submit all maintenance requests in writing. We will:

  • Not undertake repairs to your property in excess of your nominated amount, without first obtaining your approval. NOTE: This excludes emergencies and repairs that are required to be rectified by law
  • Contact a tradesperson within a timely manner for non urgent repair requests
  • Attend to any urgent repair requests immediately
  • Only use trades people who are properly licensed and insured to handle the type of work being performed on your property.


Should a fixed term tenancy be entered into for your property we will:

  • Contact you prior to the expiry of the fixed term to advise you of current market conditions and to allow you to make the decision whether you would like us to negotiate a further fixed term or a periodic tenancy for your property
  • Not renew a tenancy without your express written permission (unless stated in the management agreement)
  • Advise you of any notice by the tenants that they are not renewing their tenancy
  • Minimise vacancies by promptly acting on any notice to vacate received from a tenant
  • Proactively manage the tenancy agreement renewal process wherever possible to facilitate consistent income


We will regularly review the rent charged on your property in accordance with the current legislation to ensure you receive the highest rent possible.


Approx Value of
Properties Managed
Average Vancancy Rate
on Market
Inspections conducted
in the past 12 months
over 15,000

Meet Our Leasing Specialists

Harry Singh
Property Manager
Jemma Bittles
Property Manager
Taleisha Roberts
Property Manager
Sarah Yacoub
Property Manager
Puneet Kilkar Kaur
Property Manager
Sune Geldenhuys
Property Manager
Whitney Young
Property Manager
Jessica Bell
Property Manager
Sally Faherty
Property Manager
Hana Merhi
Property Manager

How we can help you?

At Harcourts Rata & Co we are heavily invested in helping our clients along their real estate journey, whether that’s buying or selling a property, leasing an investment, finding a rental, starting your new venture in a development or buying a large apartment complex. At Harcourts Rata and Co we have you covered.

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