Tenant Screening

Choosing the right tenant for an investment property is an important process to ensure that they are the right fit for the home and the tenancy agreement.

Our property managers see hundreds of rental applications and believe the process to be a mix of ruthlessly checking their application, their income and rental history, but also evaluating their character.

At Harcourts Rata & Co, we complete a thorough screening checklist that includes many internal and external sources of review, that include ruthlessly checking through their application, their income and rental history, but also evaluating their character.

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Real Estate is a lot more than just property, it is about people. We are passionate about what we do, and we care about the people we deal with. Everything we say and do is born from what we truly believe, that is the most important service we can offer our community. That’s authenticity, and its everything.








Our Strategy


Prior to receiving a tenant’s application, the pre-screening commences. An informal chat can give our property managers an opportunity to ask a few simple questions, such as enquiring about pets or why they are moving. Sometimes simply mentioning that the process includes thorough background checks can turn up red flags or concerns. On the other hand, they may give more confidence to the property manager that they will be a good prospect. Either way it is a great first step to weed out the wrong type of tenants without wasting much time. 

Interactions during inspections can also give insight in to their character, the way they live, and how they will treat the home – all being invaluable tools when selecting the right tenant.

Another great tool is checking a tenant’s social media footprint. This can often give a good picture as to what their private life is like, and therefore how they would treat a home.


We know that there is so much more to living in a home than just paying rent. That’s why when we do our background checks, our property managers ask a series of questions to get insight into the prospective tenants’ character and living situation. We require that prospective tenants provide us with relevant information that can support their application such as employment references and previous rental history and we verify these sources to ensure their accuracy.

Prospective tenants must also provide 100 points of ID and previous pay slips or bank statements highlighting their income. This way we can ensure that the prospective tenant has a means to pay the rent as well as afford to maintain suitable living conditions.

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A simple but important process. We speak to employers/previous employers, previous property managers/landlords and personal references to verify the documents and information that has been provided to us. We also run checks through various screenings including the National Tenancy Database to further confirm their suitability.

Our thorough internal checklist is a step by step process that every property manager must complete prior to us presenting any potential candidates to you.


Ultimately, you have the final say as to who we place in your property. We will provide you with a shortlist of candidates to choose from, with any recommendations that we may have.

Sometimes the process can be daunting and a little overwhelming. Our team are here to assist along the way to ensure you are happy with the outcome. Remember, we will be communicating with both you and


Here is a useful video that we share with all tenants when they move in to a property.


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